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With over 8 years experience as a silks artist Amy has performed for corporate, film and TV, theatre and cabaret.  Bespoke acts are styled and choreographed to suit your event, silks can be performed as solo, duo or group acts.


"After the curtain came down everyone stood and watched the artists who were mesmerising. I can’t believe they dangled 114m up. So brave!"


Emma MT, Interior & Event Stylist

DeLonghi Launch at The Orbit


Silk colours available are white, red, blue, black and teal.  Other colours can be available on request.


Rigging Requirements:


A structural point rated minimum 500kg.

Minimum height 4.5 metres.

Ground clearance minimum 2.5 metres diametre.

Silks come in lengths up to 11 metres, longer lengths available on request.

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